MiloMila LLC

Houston, Texas
United States

I live in Texas and design and create all fabric goods for MiloMila LLC here at my home. My craft room is the garage apartment and it's a crafters paradise; it's bright with many windows, cheery and a very good size. My friends agree with me that I have it made when it comes to craft rooms. Yay me!

Sewing has been a constant in my life, I started when I was about 8 years old and have never looked back. Sewing truly is my joy and passion. The first things I created were clothes for my dolls. These first tries were really not all that great because my mom is terrible at sewing and couldn't help me. It was difficult to do with a sewing machine I knew nothing about, but I knew from the start this is what I wanted to do. As luck would have it, on my dad's side I come from a family where everyone can sew; in some families everyone can sing or dance, in my family everyone can sew! How brilliant is that?!

About the MiloMila Fabric Goods
I make all my goodies with the utmost care. Everything I make is exclusive and handmade by me; there is the personal touch, there are the imperfections and then there is the general crafty feel of handmade. These imperfections are visible and that is how I believe it should be. No two items will be the same because when things are genuinely handmade they cannot be copied. They come out like they are supposed to.

The fabrics and materials I use are all top tier quality. I use great natural linen and cotton fabrics. I also use synthetic fabrics in knits and stuffing. All materials will be top of the line. Using fabulous quality fabrics and materials is part of the joy of creating unique items because they make for fabulous quality fabric goods that can be enjoyed for many hours of use and play.

Christel Dekker ❤️

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